New Baby, New Home, New Workshop

2021 became one of the most demanding of years of our lives. Nevertheless certainly the most rewarding. My wife and I moved house in late 2020 two weeks before our baby boy was born. Right in the middle of the lockdowns.

Our new home still needs a lot of work, it’s trapped in time from the 1950’s! With some pretty retro-funky 70’s decor too.

The truth is…some preference went towards a particular project, in that building a new workshop was vital to continue my occupation as a wooden sign maker.

The workshop is just about finished, and I am delighted with the result. Most of the credit for the building goes to a friend who offered to help. Mind you, he assumed I just wanted him to knock up a quick shed for some bikes etc.

Seventies lino
Our Kitchen Floor - Retro Funk

This is the original shed. Knocked that one down, and got the digger in.

From start to finish

These are the stages of building the new Sentiment Signs workshop.

The (almost) finished product

Workshop finished

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