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Hire Wedding Signs

I have a selection of directional wooden signs now available to hire. They are £75 if picked up locally. Postcode EX24 and EX14. Hire the signs.

Building a new workshop

New Baby, New Home, New Workshop

2021 became one of the most demanding of years of our lives. Nevertheless certainly the most rewarding. My wife and I moved house in late 2020 two weeks before our baby boy was born. Right in the middle of the lockdowns.

Our new home still needs a lot of work, it’s trapped in time from the 1950’s! With some pretty retro-funky 70’s decor too.

The truth is…some preference went towards a particular project, in that building a new workshop was vital to continue my occupation as a wooden sign maker.

The workshop is just about finished, and I am delighted with the result. Most of the credit for the building goes to a friend who offered to help. Mind you, he assumed I just wanted him to knock up a quick shed for some bikes etc.

Seventies lino
Our kitchen floor - retro funk

This is the original shed. Knocked that one down, and got the digger in.

From start to finish

These are the stages of building the new Sentiment Signs workshop.

The (almost) finished product

Workshop finished

Nice Sentiments

Fresh air and muddy boots make everything better.

Muddy boots sign
Nice sentiments 10

I enjoyed making this one up. Fresh air is what everybody needs more than ever right now.

Please get in touch if you’ve any sign ideas you want to bring to life.

Sign for Marblehead Boston USA

Scotty sign
Nice sentiments 11

This sign was made and sent over the pond for some friends of my wife and I. The house sign they required was to match others in the town, that all state the names and occupations of the original owners.

Directional Signs

Recent order for wooden signs showing number of miles to Holiday locations. They were then attached to a wooden post. If required I can construct and supply posts for signs.

Directional signs
Directional signs to destinations

Before and After – Making a wooden sign

Restoring an old oak sign

I was recently asked to redo this sign. First I needed to find the exact typeface match. Which I’m pretty sure I’ve found. It was then sanded back to reveal the lovely unmistakable oak grain. The customer opted to have the sign routed. This will ensure it lasts many years.

End product
Finished routed oak sign. Varnished and ready to go.
Finished 02
Before and after - making a wooden sign 22

Lockdown Wooden Signs

The weather is again hotting up. Able to finish these signs off with good light late into the evening.

Evening signs
Lockdown wooden signs 28

I’ve managed to sustain consistent orders throughout lockdown here. Very keen to keep the momentum going through the summer. So if you are interested in getting a handmade personalised wooden sign made to your own specification, then please keep sentiment signs in mind.

I can personalise wooden signs in a variety of ways including adding simplified graphics and emblems etc.

Sanding bistro
Lockdown wooden signs 29
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Lockdown wooden signs 30

Hello, and welcome to the sentiment signs news blog

This new website was launched at the beginning of 2020 just before the lockdown here in the UK. I’m lucky enough to have a business where I already work from home, so was able to continue most of my duties and fulfil sign orders.

Please take a look at some of the of the signs I’ve been making over the last couple of months during lockdown Covid-19. The incredible weather has really been a blessing.

As we all adapt to the changes and the new social distancing measures that will be set for businesses in the coming months, it may be worth introducing some signage on business premises and perhaps in the home. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid those white plastic signs with big red letters, you needn’t make it brash and clinical.

Why not have safety instructions printed on a handmade wooden sign! The message can still be effective, but not as stark.